Appendix 6: Complaints data


All ACL regulators have received complaints relating to gift cards. CCAAC has had the opportunity to review these complaints and has found that many of these complaints relate to the recent insolvencies of some Australian retailers. There were, however, other complaints made in relation to the terms and conditions of gift cards as well as their disclosure.

For example, from January 2009 to July 2011 the following complaints were received in one jurisdiction.

Issue Number Percentage of total complaints Percentage of total complaints that do not relate to insolvency
Insolvency 529 90 per cent  
Dissatisfaction with terms and conditions 29 5 per cent 50 per cent
Poor disclosure of terms and conditions 21 4 per cent 6 per cent
Trader did not otherwise act appropriately 8 1 per cent 14 per cent
Total 587