Appendix 1: The gift card consultation process


In accordance with the terms of reference, this report has been informed by the views of stakeholders affected by gift card sale practices.

An Issues Paper titled Gift cards in the Australian market was released for public comment on 9 December 2011. Submissions closed on 2 March 2012 and submissions were received from a range of stakeholders. A total of 74 submissions were received; of these eight were confidential.

Written non-confidential submissions are available on the Treasury's website. For a list of all non-confidential stakeholder submissions refer to Appendix 2.

In addition, a series of targeted consultations were undertaken based on the submissions, led by CCAAC member Mr Ray Steinwall. A panel met stakeholders on 11 May 2012 in Sydney, with additional discussions held via teleconference. A list of participants in the targeted consultations is set out below.

Participant Date
Sydney (face-to-face)  
Australian National Retailers Association 11 May 2012
National Retail Association 11 May 2012
Australian Retailers Association and Australian Merchant Payments forum 11 May 2012
Wright Express 11 May 2012
Shopping Centre Council of Australia 11 May 2012
CHOICE 30 May 2012