Policy topics

The Treasury promotes competitive, efficient markets that work for the good of consumers and investors, a secure financial system and sound corporate practices, and foreign investment consistent with Australia's national interests.

Treasury leads the production of the federal Budget each year.

The Treasury advises the government across a range of industry policies that contribute to higher productivity and a more diverse economy.

The Treasury provides advice on Australia’s competition and consumer policy framework, social policy issues, health, housing, regulatory reform and labour market issues.

The Treasury provides advice, analysis, forecasting and modelling on the domestic and global economy to the Treasurer and other portfolio ministers.

Housing policies and programs in the Australian Government are shared across different departments.

Australia’s first national wellbeing framework that will track our progress towards a more healthy, secure, sustainable, cohesive and prosperous Australia.

Treasury advises government on all aspects of retirement income policy, including superannuation and age pension policies, and on the adequacy of retirement incomes.

It is the role of the Treasury to provide advice on effective tax and retirement income arrangements that contribute to the overall fiscal outcome, influence strong sustainable economic growth for the good of the Australian people.