Measuring what matters


Measuring What Matters is Australia’s first national wellbeing framework that will track our progress towards a more healthy, secure, sustainable, cohesive and prosperous Australia.

The Measuring What Matters Framework (Framework) has five wellbeing themes:

  • Healthy: A society in which people feel well and are in good physical and mental health, can access services when they need, and have the information they require to take action to improve their health.
  • Secure: A society where people live peacefully, feel safe, have financial security and access to housing.
  • Sustainable: A society that sustainably uses natural and financial resources, protects and repairs the environment and builds resilience to combat challenges.
  • Cohesive: A society that supports connections with family, friends and the community, values diversity, and promotes belonging and culture.
  • Prosperous: A society that has a dynamic, strong economy, invests in people’s skills and education, and provides broad opportunities for employment and well-paid, secure jobs.

Inclusion, equity and fairness are cross-cutting dimensions of the Framework.

These themes of the Framework are supported by 12 dimensions that describe aspects of the wellbeing themes and 50 key indicators, to monitor and track progress, which will be updated over time.

The way ahead

Measuring What Matters is a living framework that will continue to evolve and improve over time to reflect ongoing feedback from the community, new research, improved data availability, and changing community views.

With the introduction of the first iteration of the Framework, the government has developed an important foundation on which we can build – to understand, measure, and improve on the things that matter to Australians.

We will be looking for opportunities to embed the Framework into government decision making. This will involve guidance for agencies to inform policy development and evaluation. The Framework could also be used in areas of policy that require different levels of government to work together.

But the Framework’s usefulness will extend beyond government. It has been specifically designed to be drawn upon by business, academia, and the community to support their efforts to create better lives for all Australians.

We welcome comments on what is presented in this statement and the online dashboard. Please provide your feedback to

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