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Past editions of Economic Roundup


Details of articles published in the past two editions of the Economic Roundup are listed below:

Spring 2005

Mining and commodities exports

The road to Hong Kong: what’s at stake for the Doha Round

Flat personal income taxes: systems in practice in Eastern European economies

Australian Treasury submission to the Agriculture and Food Policy Reference Group

International comparisons of research and development

The Chinese currency: how undervalued and how much does it matter?

Recent developments in Australian bond yields

2004-05 in review: strong labour market outcomes and continuing growth

Key themes from the Treasury Business Liaison Programme — October 2005


Winter 2005

Fiscal sustainability and pre-funding strategies in OECD countries

Health promotion

Net tax thresholds for Australian families

Tax system complexity and compliance costs — some theoretical considerations

Key themes from the Treasury Business Liaison Programme — July and August 2005

Copies of these articles are available from the Treasury. Written requests should be sent to Manager, Domestic Economy Division, The Treasury, LangtonCrescent, Parkes, ACT, 2600. Telephone requests should be directed to Ms Amy Burke on (02)62632756. Copies may be downloaded from the Treasury web site