Miscellaneous amendments to Treasury portfolio laws 2022

This consultation process has now been completed.
Consultation Type
Exposure Draft Legislation

Key Documents

The attached exposure draft Bill, Regulations, Instrument, and supporting explanatory materials cover proposed minor and technical amendments to the Treasury portfolio laws.

The community’s views are sought on the proposed amendments.

The amendments seek to ensure the law operates as intended by correcting technical or drafting defects, removing anomalies and addressing unintended outcomes. The amendments are part of the Government’s commitment to the ongoing care and maintenance of Treasury laws.

The draft legislation forms part of the Treasury Law Improvement Program, which supports the regulatory stewardship of Treasury portfolio legislation.

The Government intends to pursue regular improvement and maintenance opportunities under this Program to ensure that Treasury laws remain current, fit-for-purpose and transparent.

Other legislative projects

For information, the other legislative projects that are included in the Treasury Law Improvement Program are:



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