Notes to and forming part of the financial statements - Index


for the period ended 30 June 2014

Note 1: Summary of significant accounting policies

Note 2: Events After the Reporting Period

Note 3: Operating Expenses

Note 4: Income

Note 5: Fair Value Measurements

Note 6: Financial Assets

Note 7: Non-Financial Assets

Note 8: Payables

Note 9: Provisions

Note 10: Restructuring

Note 11: Cash Flow Reconciliation

Note 12: Contingent Assets and Liabilities

Note 13: Senior Executive Remuneration

Note 14: Remuneration of Auditors

Note 15: Financial Instruments

Note 16: Financial Assets Reconciliation

Note 17: Administered Expenses

Note 18: Administered Income

Note 19: Administered Fair Value Measurements

Note 20: Administered Financial Assets

Note 21: Administered Non-Financial Assets

Note 22: Administered Payables

Note 23: Administered Interest Bearing Liabilities

Note 24: Administered Provisions

Note 25: Administered Cash Flow Reconciliation

Note 26: Administered Contingent Assets and Liabilities

Note 27: Administered Investments

Note 28: Administered Financial Instruments

Note 29: Administered Financial Assets Reconciliation

Note 30: Appropriations

Note 31: Compliance with Statutory Conditions for Payments from the Consolidated Revenue Fund

Note 32: Special Accounts and FMA Act Section 39

Note 33: Compensation and Debt Relief

Note 34: Reporting of Outcomes

Note 35: Net Cash Appropriation Arrangements