Part 5: Appendices (continued)


Advertising and market research

The Treasury undertook the following advertising and marketing research in 2009-10.

Table 12: Advertising and marketing research expenditure for 2009-10
Purpose Vendor Cost ($)
Advertising campaign Universal Mccann 7,198,837
  The Shannon company 1,388,611
  Ethnic communications 208,093
  Media Heads 186,000
Market research Colmar Brunton 132,687
  Open Mind Research Group 694,675
Recruitment advertising HMA Blaze 15,223
  Adcorp Australia 17,799
Total   9,841,925

Note: These figures exclude GST. Payments less than $11,200 are not included in this table.

During 2009-10, the Treasury conducted a tax reform advertising campaign at a cost of $9.7 million to inform the community of the Australian Government’s tax reform agenda. Further information on advertising campaigns are in reports on Australian Government advertising that are prepared by the Department of Finance and Deregulation. Those reports are available at