Appendix B: List of parties consulted


  1. Advertising Standards Bureau
  2. Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia
  3. Australian Association of National Advertisers
  4. Australian Association of Permanent Building Societies
  5. Australian Bankers' Association
  6. Australian Banking Industry Ombudsman
  7. Australian Broadcasting Authority
  8. Australian Business Limited
  9. Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  10. Australian Communications Authority
  11. Australian Communications Industry Forum
  12. Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
  13. Australian Consumers' Association
  14. Australian Direct Marketing Association
  15. Australian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers' Association
  16. Australian Financial Counselling and Credit Reform Association
  17. Australian Food and Grocery Council
  18. Australian Fruit Juice Industry Association
  19. Australian Information Industry Association
  20. Australian Institute of Company Directors
  21. Australian Law Reform Commission
  22. Australian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association
  23. Australian Press Council
  24. Australian Private Hospitals Association
  25. Australian Securities and Investments Commission
  26. Australian Subscription Television and Radio Association
  27. Australian Supermarket Institute
  28. Australian Toy Association
  29. Bunbury Citizens Advice Bureau
  30. Business and Professional Women - Bunbury
  31. Business and Professional Women of Australia
  32. Business Council of Australia
  33. Consumer Law Centre Victoria
  34. Consumer Law Committee of the Law Council of Australia
  35. Consumers' Telecommunications Network
  36. Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia
  37. Credit Union Dispute Resolution Centre
  38. Credit Union Services Corporation of Australia Limited
  39. Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts
  40. Department of Health and Aged Care
  41. Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs
  42. Department of Industry, Science and Resources
  43. Department of Primary Industry - Rockhampton
  44. Federal Privacy Commissioner
  45. Federation of Australian Commercial Television Stations
  46. Federation of Australian Radio Broadcasters
  47. Finance Brokers' Association of Australia
  48. Financial Industry Complaints Service Ltd
  49. Financial Services Complaints Resolution Scheme (now merged with Financial Industry Complaints Service Ltd)
  50. Financial Services Consumer Policy Centre
  51. . Fund Raising Institute of Australia
  52. Gavin Anderson & Kortlang
  53. General Insurance Enquiries and Complaints Scheme
  54. Housing Industry Association
  55. HPC Strawberry Growers' Committee
  56. Institute of Actuaries of Australia
  57. Insurance Brokers' Dispute Facility
  58. Insurance Council of Australia
  59. Insurance Enquiries and Complaints Ltd
  60. Internet Industry Association
  61. Investment and Financial Services Association
  62. Jewellers Association of Australia
  63. Leschenault Business Enterprise Centre
  64. Mallee Tenancy and Consumer Advice Bureau
  65. Margaret River Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association
  66. Melbourne IT
  67. Mildura Rural City Council
  68. Mildura TAFE/Latrobe University
  69. Mortgage Industry Association of Australia
  70. Mr Euan Morton
  71. Mr Frank Edwards
  72. Mr John Barwick
  73. Mr Ron Harvey and Ms Bev McNellee
  74. Mr Steven Maher
  75. Mr Warren Yeomans
  76. MSRN
  77. National Farmers' Federation
  78. National Furnishing Industry Association of Australia
  79. NSW Consumer Credit Legal Centre
  80. Office of Regulation Review
  81. Office of Small Business, Department of Employment, Workplace Relations and Small Business
  82. Property Council of Australia
  83. Proprietary Medicines Association of Australia
  84. Queensland Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Rockhampton
  85. Queensland Department of State Development
  86. Queensland Department of State Development - Rockhampton
  87. Queensland Office of Fair Trading
  88. Real Estate Institute of Australia
  89. Rockhampton Agricultural Society
  90. Rockhampton Chamber of Commerce
  91. Safe Food Consumers (& Growers) Association
  92. Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Business Australia Inc.
  93. South Australian Office of Consumer and Business Affairs
  94. South West Development Commission
  95. South West Table Grape Growers Association
  96. Standards Australia
  97. Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman
  98. Telephone Information Services Standards Council
  99. Tourism Queensland
  100. Victorian and Murray Valley Wine Grape Growers Council Inc
  101. WA wine industry - Bunbury
  102. Western Australia Food and Grocery Council - Bunbury
  103. Western Australia Ministry of Fair Trading
  104. Western Australia Ministry of Fair Trading - Bunbury

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