A task of this scale and complexity requires the contributions of many people and many organisations.

This report is the product of a collaborative effort across the Australian Government and leading national and international climate change economists.

The Treasury's Macroeconomic Modelling Division is led by Meghan Quinn. Team members are Liangyue Cao, Georgina Collins, Patrick Costello, Ben Dolman, Joel Etchells, Robert Ewing, Ewa Orzechowska-Fischer, Matt Ho, Cedric Hodges, Jyothi Gali, Julie Gilfelt, Lan Lu, Linden Luo, Krispin McAndrew, Brendan McKenna, Michael McNamara, Damian Mullaly, Ingrid Murphy, Nik Nimpradit, Dominic Regan, Xavier Rimmer, Qun Shi, Daniel Silva Withmory, Sarjit Singh, Jim Savage, Dan Smith, Bruce Taplin, Jim Thomson, Neal Waud, Sebastian Wende, Luke Willard, and Nu Nu Win.

Philip Adams, Walter Gerardi, Paul Graham, Edwina Heyhoe, Beau Hug, Paul Nidras, Luke Reedman, Ian Rose and Andrew Turley made invaluable contributions to the economic modelling.

Within Treasury, we are very grateful for the support and advice provided by David Gruen and Luise McCulloch.

We are also indebted to Maryanne Mrakovcic, Marty Robinson, Tony McDonald, Cliff Bingham, Brendan Price, Matthew Smith, Gillian Beer, David Tellis, Belinda Cheong, Simon Duggan, Veasna Kong, Susie Kluth, David Lowe, Nghi Luu, Lee-Anne Sim, Hongyan Wang, Alyse Thompson, Matthew Toohey, Sean Vittadello, Anthony King, Michelle Dixon, Mark Bott, Kerrie Bremner, Rachel Lloyd, Roneel Nair, Joseph Mercante, Madeleine Nargar, Cecilia Karmel, Anthony Obeyesekere, Bonnie Li, Colin Brown, Holly Hart, Kym Malycha, Andrew Watterson, Sarah Woods, Matthew Maloney, Katrina Yu, Ben Greig and Shagor Buksh.

Many government departments and public agencies have supported this work with resources, ideas and expertise. They include: ABARES; Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics; CSIRO; Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency; and Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism.

Special thanks to Ann Duffy, the Climate Change Unit led by Robb Preston, and the Treasury Publishing Unit who worked with us to edit drafts and prepare the report for publication.

Finally, thanks to the many other organisations and individuals within and outside government who contributed to our understanding of the economics of climate change mitigation.