Strong Growth, Low Pollution - modelling a carbon price - report



The report was released on 10 July 2011. Updated modelling was released on 21 September 2011.

This document forms part of the Strong Growth Low Pollution – modelling a carbon price initiative.


The following charts and tables were updated on 21 September 2011:


Chart 2: GNI per person and emissions

Chart 3: Sources of emission reductions under the core policy scenario

Chart 5: Electricity generation mix, core policy scenario

Table 1: Headline Australian indicators

Chapter 5

Chart 5.1: Australian carbon price
Chart 5.2: Australian emissions in the core policy scenario
Chart 5.4: Emission intensity of Australian GDP
Chart 5.6: Emission intensity
Chart 5.7: Emission reductions by sector
Chart 5.8: Share of cumulative emission reductions by sector
Chart 5.9: Sector Emissions
Chart 5.10: GNI per person
Chart 5.11: Capital stock
Chart 5.12: Real wages
Chart 5.13: Gross domestic product
Chart 5.14: Output growth by broad sector, 1990 to 2050
Chart 5.17: Electricity demand
Chart 5.18: Emission intensity of electricity generation
Chart 5.19: Sources of electricity generation
Chart 5.20: Renewables by technology — share of total generation
Chart 5.21: Renewable generation, core policy scenario
Chart 5.23: Gas fired electricity generation
Chart 5.24: Electricity sector emissions
Chart 5.25: Electricity sector abatement
Chart 5.27: Average wholesale electricity prices
Chart 5.28: Household electricity prices
Chart 5.29: Impact of a carbon price on profits of existing generators
Chart 5.31: Changes in generation capacity by fuel type
Chart 5.32: Generation capacity in the Latrobe Valley/Gippsland region
Chart 5.33: Transport activity and emissions
Chart 5.34: Emissions and activity, core policy scenario
Chart 5.35: Road transport fuel mix
Chart 5.36: Emission intensity by state
Chart 5.37: Gross state product
Chart 5.38: Private per person consumption
Table 5.1: Headline national indicators
Table 5.3: GNI per person annual growth rates
Table 5.4: Decomposition of the effect on the level of GNI
Table 5.6: Gross output, by industry, 2020
Table 5.7: Gross output, by industry, 2050
Table 5.8: Employment, by industry, 2020
Table 5.9: Employment, by industry, 2050
Table 5.10: Gross output, by sector, 2020
Table 5.11: Gross output, by sector, 2050
Table 5.12: Carbon capture and storage, estimated deployment year and carbon price
Table 5.13: Cumulative investment in new generation capacity
Table 5.14: Average wholesale electricity price increases
Table 5.15: Average household electricity price increases
Table 5.17: Road transport emission and abatement by carbon price scenario
Table 5.18: Output growth by industry and state