Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates from the Australian Government

IPS Information architecture


Treasury will publish its IPS information holdings on its website under the following headings:

  • Agency plan (sections 8(2)(a)).
  • Who we are (sections 8(2)(b) and 8(2)(d)).
  • What we do (sections 8(2)(c) and 8(2)(j)).
  • Our reports and responses to Parliament (sections 8(2)(e) and 8(2)(h)).
  • Routinely requested information and disclosure log (sections 8(2)(g) and 11C).
  • Consultation arrangements (section 8(2)(f)).
  • Our priorities and approaches (section 8(4)).
  • Our communications (section 8(4)).
  • Our workplace plans and policies(section 8(4)).
  • Our finances (section 8(4).
  • Treasury invites comment (on IPS holdings and accessibility) (section 8(2)(i).
  • Contact us (section 8(2)(i)).

To ensure that the IPS information holdings and individual IPS documents are easily discoverable, understandable and machine-readable, Treasury will:

  • design and publish an IPS entry point on its website;
  • wherever possible, provide online content in a format that can be searched, copied and transformed;
  • publish a sitemap for its website, to help individuals identify the location of information published under sections 8(2) and 8(4);
  • provide a search function for its website; and
  • invite feedback about whether the IPS information holdings (and individual IPS documents) are easily discoverable, understandable and machine-readable.

Treasury will make its IPS documents available through links from the IPS website.

Treasury will, as far as possible, make its IPS information holdings available for reuse on open licensing terms.