Information required to be published under the IPS


Treasury will provide links to documents required to be published under the IPS (section 8(2)) in the IPS section of the website.

Treasury will publish these documents under the following headings:

Agency plan

Who we are

This will include an organisational chart and information about statutory appointments. For statutory appointees, Treasury will publish the name of the person appointed, the length or term of appointment, the position to which the person is appointed, and the provisions of the Act under which the person is appointed.

What we do

This will outline Treasury’s functions and decision-making powers including the Strategic Framework, Treasury business groups’ functions. Treasury will also publish rules, guidelines, practices and precedents relating to these functions and powers (‘operational information’).

Note: As a central policy agency, Treasury provides analysis and advice to government on policy issues with a whole of economy perspective. It has a program delivery role in supporting markets and business broadly and providing Commonwealth payments to the State and Territory governments. However, Treasury has a limited role in making decisions or recommendations that affect members of the public in an individual manner or as members of a particular group or class.

Treasury handles FOI matters for the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB), the Australian Office of Financial Management (AOFM), the Companies Auditors and Liquidators Disciplinary Board (CALB), the Takeovers Panel and the Financial Reporting Council (FRC). Links are provided on Treasury’s IPS website to information holdings on their websites. Agencies under the FOI Act (CALB, Takeovers Panel and FRC) have the IPS on their own websites. However, links are provided on their websites to the Treasury disclosure log. Treasury handles IPS matters for the Australian Office of Financial Management (AOFM) and a link is provided on their website to the Treasury IPS.

Our reports and responses to Parliament

This will link to documents currently published under the heading Government Compliance Reports, including Annual report, Departmental File Lists, Departmental Contracts ($100,000 or more) and Advertising/Public Information Projects ($100,000 or more).

Information requested from Treasury by Parliament through a Committee is available on the Parliament website ( However, Treasury will provide links to new submissions after 1 May 2011 from the IPS website.

Routinely requested information and disclosure log

To date Treasury has not been routinely asked to provide any particular information. In some cases FOI requests have covered similar topics. Treasury has published its FOI responses (subject to exceptions under s 11C) since 1 January 2011.

From 1 May 2011 Treasury has published a disclosure log of information accessed under the FOI Act.


This will include a link to information about how members of the public may comment on Treasury reviews, consultations and discussion papers.

Contact us

This will include the email address and a telephone number for the Information Publication Scheme contact officer who can assist with access to information or documents under the FOI Act.