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Past editions of Economic Roundup


Details of articles published in the past two editions of the Economic Roundup are listed below:

Autumn 2005

Economic forecasting: history and procedures

Forecasting the macroeconomy

Comparing Australian and United States productivity

Possible links between household debt, demand for imported goods and Australia’s current account deficit

Structural fiscal indicators: an overview

The coherent principles approach to tax law design

Key themes from the Treasury Business Liaison Program — February and April 2005

Summer 2004-05

Australia’s medium-term challenges

Measuring recent trends in Australia’s economic remoteness

Why have Australia’s imports of goods increased so much?

The changing pattern of East Asia’s growth

Foreign investment issues in the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement

Australian net private wealth

Key themes from the Treasury Business Liaison Program — November 2004

Copies of these articles are available from the Treasury. Written requests should be sent to Manager, Domestic Economy Division, The Treasury, LangtonCrescent, Parkes, ACT, 2600. Telephone requests should be directed to Ms Susan O'Shea on (02)6263 2756. Copies may be downloaded from the Treasury web site

The index of articles and other major Treasury publications is published also on the Treasury website which provides a comprehensive list of press releases, speeches, publications, annual reports, legislation, discussion papers, submissions and articles released by the Department. Information on the Treasury website can be downloaded in PDF and RTF formats, or read online.