SuperStream Advisory Council


The Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation announced the membership of the SuperStream Advisory Council on 22 October 2012. The SuperStream Advisory Council will provide external scrutiny of the implementation of SuperStream.


  • Damian Hill (Chief Executive Officer, Retail Employees Superannuation Trust) Chair
  • John Berrill (Principal, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers)
  • Brian Bissaker (Consultant, former Chief Executive Officer, Colonial First State)
  • Shawn Blackmore (General Manager Operations, AustralianSuper)
  • Emma Dobson (Director, Global Transactional Services, Westpac)
  • Michael Dwyer (Chief Executive Officer, First State Super)
  • Dick Grozier (Director, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
  • Matthew Halpin (Chief Officer, Member Administration, QSuper)
  • Allen Innes (Senior Human Resources Manager, Woodside Energy)
  • Danielle Press (Chief Executive Officer, Equip Super)
  • Graham Sammells (Chief Executive Officer, IQ Group)
  • Russell Smith (Chief Executive Officer, Skilled Accountants Pty Ltd)

The key responsibilities of the Council include leading the adoption of the SuperStream reforms, setting measures of success and reporting to Government.

SuperStream Advisory Council key messages

Charter of the SuperStream Advisory Council

This Charter establishes the SuperStream Advisory Council.


The purpose of the SuperStream Advisory Council is to provide advice to Government on the implementation of the SuperStream reforms with a core focus on industry readiness for the commencement of the superannuation data and payment standards. 

The SuperStream Advisory Council will monitor the success of the standards and recommend refinements and improvement in the standards where appropriate.


The SuperStream Advisory Council will:

  • Provide leadership across the superannuation industry on the SuperStream reform measures.
  • Identify, assess and make recommendations to the Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation ('the Minister') on issues that may impede achievement of the Government's SuperStream objectives.
  • Monitor implementation of the superannuation data and payment standards and readiness of funds and employers.
    • Influence the timely adoption of the standards by stakeholders.
    • Review and report on industry progress in meeting the standards.
  • Review the impact of any proposed changes to the superannuation data and payment standard on stakeholders, including consideration of cost, timing and the potential benefits arising from the proposed changes.
  • Review, assess and make recommendations on proposed change requests to the standards.
  • Identify, assess and make recommendations related to innovations that may assist in further operational efficiencies being achieved in the superannuation industry.
  • Provide advice to Government on other superannuation related issues referred by Government.


The Minister will appoint the Chair and members of the SuperStream Advisory Council for a period of 2 years.

Members will be representative of stakeholders across the superannuation industry and be appointed in a personal capacity. 

Members are expected to have a high level of personal and professional integrity, work together in a collegiate manner and bring a broad perspective to issues, rather than solely that of a particular stakeholder community. 

Members will be required to meet their own costs of attending meetings and contributing to the work of the SuperStream Advisory Council. 

Members will not be paid consultancy or sitting fees.

Government representation

Senior representatives of the Treasury, Australian Taxation Office and Australian Prudential Regulation Authority will serve as ex-officio members.

Other government officials may be invited as required, at the discretion of the Chair.

SuperStream Advisory Council subgroups