Sustainable finance


In Australia and around the world, businesses, investors and policymakers are responding rapidly as sustainability-related opportunities and risks reshape financial markets, economies and societies.

The Australian Government is committed to progressing a comprehensive sustainable finance agenda aimed at unlocking the private capital flows needed for Australia’s net zero transformation.

Sustainable Finance Strategy

In December 2022, the government announced it would pursue a coordinated and ambitious sustainable finance agenda under a new Sustainable Finance Strategy.

The strategy supports Australia’s pathway to net zero, by providing an ambitious and comprehensive framework for reducing barriers to investment into sustainable activities.


On 2 November 2023, the government released the Sustainable Finance Strategy paper for a 4-week consultation.

View the Sustainable Finance Strategy consultation


On 19 June 2024, the Australian Government released the Sustainable Finance Roadmap. It sets out the vision for implementing sustainable finance reforms and related measures.

The Roadmap responds to feedback from consultation on the strategy.

View the Sustainable Finance Roadmap

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