Green Bond program


The Australian Government has committed to introducing a green bond program. The program will enable investors to back public projects that drive Australia’s net zero transformation and support environmental objectives.

Sovereign green bonds will boost the scale and credibility of Australia’s green finance market and attract more green capital to Australia by increasing transparency around climate outcomes and the volume of green investments available.

The first issue of green bonds is expected to occur in mid-2024.

Green Bond Framework

The Green Bond Framework sets out the Australian Government’s key climate change and environmental priorities and outlines how green bonds will be used to finance eligible green expenditures. This includes the basis for identifying, selecting, managing, and reporting on expenditures financed with green bonds.

Visit the Australian Office of Financial Management (AOFM) website to read the Green Bond Framework [PDF 14.6 MB] | [DOCX 1.5 MB].

Program management and reporting

The AOFM will issue green bonds on behalf of the Australian Government.

The Treasury will remain responsible for annual allocation and impact reporting.

Green Bond Roadshow

The AOFM will undertake a roadshow between 11 April and 10 May 2024 to market the bond to investors ahead of the first issue.

Visit the AOFM website for more information on the Green Bond Roadshow.

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