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Our Executive

Mr John Fraser

Secretary to the Australian Treasury

Mr Fraser was appointed Secretary to the Treasury effective 15 January 2015. In this capacity, John is a member of the Board of the Reserve Bank of Australia; a member of the Australian Council of Financial Regula tors and Chair of the G20 Global Infrastructure Hub. He was Chair of the Victorian Funds Management Corporation from 2009 to 2015.

Based in London, John was Chairman and CEO of UBS Global Asset Management from late 2001 to 2013. During this time, John was also a member of the UBS Group Executive Board and Chairman of UBS Saudi Arabia as well as Chairman of various subsidiaries and joint ventures for UBS Global Asset Management. In 2014, John remained as Chairman of UBS Global Asset Management and Chairman of UBS Saudi Arabia.

Prior to joining UBS and its predecessor organisations in 1993, John served for over twenty years with the Australian Treasury, including appointment as Deputy Secretary (Economic) from 1990 to 1993 and postings at the International Monetary Fund (1978 1980) and as Minister (Economic) at the Australian Embassy in Washington DC (1985 1988).

In 1996, John was a member of the Australian Government’s Audit Commission into public sector finances. John was also a Board member of the Australian Stock Exchange and a member of their Audit Committee (1997-2003).

John graduated from Monash University, Melbourne, in 1972 with a first-class honours degree in economics and was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Laws by the University in 2013. John was appointed an honorary Professor at Durham University, United Kingdom, from 2016-19. John received a Centenary medal from the Commonwealth Government in 2001 for service to Australian society through business and economics.

Mr Michael Brennan

Deputy Secretary, Fiscal Group

Michael Brennan is the Deputy Secretary, Fiscal Group, with responsibility within Treasury for budget policy, retirement incomes, Commonwealth-State relations, social policy and infrastructure financing.

Michael started in the role in October 2015, before which he was Deputy Secretary, Economic in the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance. Michael has worked as an Associate Director in the economics and policy practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers, and as a senior adviser to Treasurers and Ministers for Finance at the State and Federal level.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Economics (Hons) from the ANU.

Mr Matt Flavel

Deputy Secretary, Corporate Services and Business Strategy Group

Matt Flavel was appointed Deputy Secretary of Corporate Services and Business Strategy Group (CSBSG) in July 2017. Prior to this role Matt was the Division Head of Budget Policy Division in Treasury, assisting in the delivery of three Federal Budgets.

In addition Matt has worked across a range of areas of Treasury including business taxation, government balance sheet management, and international policy.

Matt was the Australian Treasury representative at Australia’s Permanent Delegation to the OECD in Paris from 2010 to 2012. In this role Matt represented Australia on a range of economic matters at the OECD.

Prior to Treasury, Matt worked with the Department of Finance on budget and fiscal policy issues. Matt holds a Master of Financial Management from Australian National University and an Honours degree in Economics from Adelaide University.

Mr John Lonsdale

Deputy Secretary, Markets Group

John Lonsdale commenced as Deputy Secretary, Markets Group in November 2015. In this position John has responsibility for policy relating to the financial system, consumer policy and foreign investment.

Prior to his current appointment, John was the Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Secretary in charge of foreign investment. John has been a Deputy Secretary and member of the Treasury Executive Board since July 2013. In 2014 he led the Secretariat to the Financial System Inquiry, based in Sydney. Prior to this role, as Executive Director, Policy Coordination and Governance, John’s key responsibilities were to drive the Incoming Government briefing process, develop options for organisational change and be the Chief Risk Officer.

John has been with the Treasury since 1986 and has worked across key areas in the Department including Budget policy, tax policy, retirement incomes and the financial system. In 2008 and 2009 he worked as the Chief Advisor in the Secretariat supporting Australia’s Future Tax System Review, a major review of Australia’s tax and transfer systems. In 2010 as General Manager of the Financial System Division he led the development of the Competitive and Sustainable Banking System reform package. In 2012 and 2013 John led Budget Policy Division and worked on the 2013-14 Budget and 2012-13 MYEFO.

Ms Maryanne Mrakovcic

Deputy Secretary, Revenue Group

Maryanne Mrakovcic commenced as Deputy Secretary, Revenue Group in May 2016.

In this position, Maryanne provides advice to the Government on revenue and taxation policy matters. The work of the Group includes the provision of revenue forecasts and costings of taxation policies, analysis of the economic and social effects of taxation policy proposals, undertaking consultations and advising on taxation policy options, instructing parliamentary counsel on the design of taxation laws and supporting the passage of taxation legislation through Parliament. The Group also contributes to public understanding of revenue matters through contributions to budget and other government publications.

Prior to her current role, Maryanne was Associate Secretary of the Fiscal and Economic Group at the NSW Treasury. Maryanne held this position from February 2013 to May 2016. The Fiscal and Economic Group is the NSW Government’s central source of advice on State fiscal and economic strategy and plays a key role in coordinating high-impact policy issues with state-wide economic implications. In this role, Maryanne was also responsible for the Financial Management Transformation Project involving significant reforms to financial reporting in the NSW public sector.

Prior to joining NSW Treasury, Maryanne’s career spanned 30 years with the Commonwealth Treasury including five years at the IMF.

Maryanne holds a Masters of Economics from the Australian National University and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (Economics) from the University of Sydney.

Ms Meghan Quinn PSM

Deputy Secretary, Structural Reform Group

Meghan Quinn is Deputy Secretary responsible for the Structural Reform Group. The Group has responsibility for providing policy advice relating to competition, industry, infrastructure, regional development, energy, environment, communications, transport, workplace relations and regulatory reform.

Prior to commencing this role in March 2017, Meghan was Division Head, Financial System Division in Treasury’s Markets Group, Head of Secretariat for the Government’s Australia in the Asian Century White Paper (based in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet), Division Head of the Macroeconomic Modelling Division and Principal Adviser for Forecasting, both based in Treasury. Meghan has extensive macroeconomic modelling and policy experience developed through her time in the Australian Treasury and the Bank of England (1996-2004). Meghan has a Masters of Economics from the London School of Economics and a Bachelor of Economics (1st honours) from the University of Western Australia.

Meghan was awarded the Public Service Medal in 2009.

Mr Nigel Ray PSM

Deputy Secretary, Macroeconomic Group

Macroeconomic Group advises the Treasury ministers on a wide range of matters relating to the performance of the Australian economy. These matters include current economic conditions and the outlook for the Australian economy, macroeconomic policies (i.e. monetary and fiscal), and current and prospective international economic issues.

Nigel is Australia’s G20 Finance Deputy. He is the Executive sponsor of Treasury’s Progressing Women Initiative and a member of the Board of the Centre for Market Design at the University of Melbourne.

Before taking up his current position in July 2015, Nigel was the Deputy Secretary, Fiscal Group. He joined the Treasury in 1988. Nigel served as Minister-Counsellor (Economic) at the Australian Embassy in Washington DC in 1997-2000.

Nigel holds Master of Economics and Bachelor of Laws degrees from the University of Sydney. He was awarded the Public Service Medal in 2013.