Expert Panel

The expert panel will be chaired by Professor Ian Ramsay, with Mr Alan Kirkland and Ms Julie Abramson as members.

Biographies of expert panel members

Professor Ian Ramsay – Chair

Professor Ian Ramsay is the Harold Ford Professor of Commercial Law at Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne, where he is Director of the Centre for Corporate Law and Securities Regulation.

He has practised law with firms in New York and Sydney. Former positions Ian has held include Dean of Melbourne Law School and Head of the Australian Government inquiry on auditor independence. He is a past member of the Takeovers Panel, the Government’s Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee, the Auditors and Liquidators Disciplinary Board, ASIC’s External Advisory Panel, the Audit Quality Review Board, the Law Committee of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, the International Federation of Accountants taskforce on rebuilding confidence in financial reporting, and consultant to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics, Finance and Public Administration.

Ian has published extensively on corporate law, financial regulation and corporate governance issues both internationally and in Australia. He has extensive experience as an expert consultant to government reviews and as a member of government advisory committees.

Ms Julie Abramson – Panel member

Julie Abramson is a lawyer with over 20 years regulatory experience at both State and Federal levels. She was appointed a part time Commissioner with the Productivity Commission in December 2015.

Her career in public policy includes working with government, industry bodies, the private sector and a regulatory agency. She was also a part time Commissioner with the Victorian Essential Services Commission from 2014 to 2016 and a member of the Code Compliance Monitoring Committee from 2008 to 2011.

Mr Alan Kirkland – Panel member

Alan Kirkland has been CEO of CHOICE, Australia’s largest consumer organisation, since 2012.

Alan has a background in the justice system, having previously worked as CEO of Legal Aid New South Wales and Executive Director of the Australian Law Reform Commission. He has also been a part-time member of a number of state and federal tribunals.

Alan has a long-term interest in redressing socio-economic disadvantage, which he has pursued through voluntary roles with organisations including the Australian Council of Social Service and the Public Interest Advocacy Centre.