Grocery Unit Pricing Code Review


The Retail Grocery Industry (Unit Pricing) Code of Conduct (the Code) is a mandatory industry code of conduct prescribed under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. The Code requires certain grocery retailers to use unit pricing when selling particular grocery items to consumers.

The Code was introduced on 1 July 2009 and is scheduled to sunset (lapse) on 1 October 2021.

The review of the operation of the Code found that it is operating efficiently and effectively in line with its primary objective of empowering consumers to make informed decisions about grocery purchases through greater price transparency.

The Government intends to remake the Code before it sunsets, so that unit pricing continues into the future.

An exposure draft of the Competition and Consumer (Industry Codesā€”Unit Pricing) Regulations 2021 is available.

Interested parties are invited to comment on the draft Code and draft Explanatory Statement.

You can submit responses to this consultation up until 14 June 2021.