Green paper

On 7 September 2023, the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts (DITRDCA) released the Aviation Green Paper.

The green paper noted “a competitive, informed and appropriately regulated aviation sector helps support lower prices, better quality services, and more choices” for consumers and businesses alike.

White paper

DICTRA is developing the Aviation White Paper.

The white paper will set the long-term policies to guide the next generation of growth and innovation in the aviation sector.

Taskforce role

Treasury's Competition Taskforce is working closely with DITRDCA to consider competition issues in Australia’s aviation sector as part of the white paper development.

Working with DITRDCA, the Taskforce is also meeting with stakeholders to better understand the sector's perspectives on competition.

Consumers and economy benefit from more competitive sector

New reports released by the Productivity Commission and the Australian National University (ANU) highlight the vital role the aviation sector plays in the Australian economy.

The reports present economic modelling that show consumers and other sectors of the economy can materially benefit if Australia finds ways of delivering a more competitive and productive aviation industry.