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October 2002

The Hon Peter Costello, MP
Parliament House

Dear Treasurer

I have pleasure in presenting to you the Annual Report of the Treasury for the year ended 30 June 2002. The report has been prepared under section 63 of the Public Service Act 1999. Subsection 63 (1) of the Act requires that a Secretary of a Department provide a copy of the report to their Agency Minister for presentation to the Parliament.

As provided in subsection 63 (2) of the Act, the report has been prepared in accordance with guidelines approved on behalf of the Parliament by the Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit. These guidelines provide that a copy of the Annual Report is to be laid before each House of the Parliament on or before 31 October.

Yours sincerely

Ken Henry
Secretary to the Treasury

Introduction and guide to the report

The 2001-02 Treasury Annual Report outlines performance against outcomes, outputs and performance information contained in the 2001-02 Portfolio Budget Statements.

The financial accounts presented in this report include the Royal Australian Mint. However, the performance reporting does not extend to the activities of that organisation which, although a division of the Treasury, is not budget-funded. Information in Part 3: Management and accountability and Part 5: Other statistical information (for example, staff numbers or expenditure on advertising) does not include information relating to the Mint unless expressly stated. The Mint publishes its own annual report.

Part 1 of this report includes an overview of major outcomes during 2001-02, and outlines changes in the organisation and senior management structure of the Department and other significant management initiatives undertaken over the course of the year. Figures included in Part 1 depict the Treasury portfolio and departmental outcome and output structures, and the Treasury top management structure.

Part 2 of the report provides an analysis of performance against Treasury's policy outcomes. A review of Corporate Services Division performance is also provided in Part 2.

Part 3 reports on management and accountability issues as required under the Annual Report Guidelines.

Part 4 presents the audited financial status of the department as required under the annual report guidelines.

Part 5 of the report includes other statistical information required under the annual report guidelines.

The report concludes with a list of abbreviations and acronyms and an index to the report and its appendices.

Other sources of information

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