Past editions of Economic Roundup


A full index to articles published in Economic Roundup was included in the Spring 2006 edition. Details of articles published in recent editions are listed below:

Issue 1, 2010

Changing taxes for changing times

The economic outlook and challenges for the Australian economy

Australia’s current account deficit in a global imbalances context

New estimates of the relationship between female labour supply and the cost, availability, and quality of child care

Managing manna from below: sovereign wealth funds and extractive industries in the Pacific

Key themes from Treasury’s Business Liaison Program

Ted Theodore: the proto-Keynesian

Issue 4, 2009

New paradigms to measure progress

Fiscal policy: more than just a national budget

What have we learnt? The Great Depression in Australia from the perspective of today

Key themes from Treasury’s Business Liaison Program

Earle Page: an active treasurer

Copies of these articles are available from the Treasury. Written requests should be sent to Manager, Domestic Economy Division, The Treasury, Langton Crescent, Parkes, ACT, 2600. Telephone requests should be directed to Mr Chris McLennan on 02 6263 2756. Copies may be downloaded from the Treasury web site