The National Housing Supply Council


The National Housing Supply Council was abolished on 8 November 2013. The Coalition Government announced the abolition of a number of non-statutory bodies, including the Council, where activities are no longer needed or can be managed within existing departmental resources.


The Council was established by the Australian Government in May 2008 to monitor housing demand, supply and affordability in Australia, and to highlight current and potential gaps between housing supply and demand.

The Council comprised of experts from a diverse range of relevant fields including academia and the finance, economics, urban development, residential construction, urban planning and social housing sectors.

The Council's role was to provide estimates, projections, analysis and policy advice in relation to housing supply and demand.

The Terms of Reference directed the Council to:

  • Strengthen the evidence basis for decision making by advising the Minister for Housing on the state of the housing market and current developments, including the adequacy of land supply and construction activity to meet demand;
  • Examine the implications for housing supply of urban planning and infrastructure development, including public and private transport development, and technological change in the communications sector;
  • Provide advice to the Minister for Housing on options and strategies to improve housing supply and affordability, particularly for lower income households, and
  • Advise the Minister for Housing on specific issues as requested.

The Council's perspective ranged across all levels of the housing system, encompassing the owner-occupied and private rental sectors, as well as community-managed and public housing.

National Housing Supply Council — Reports and additional material

These reports were authored or commissioned by the National Housing Supply Council.  They are not Treasury publications.

National Housing Supply Council reports

Commissioned research reports

Commissioned household projections reports