Review of the Report on Government Services and the Performance Reporting Dashboard


In 2023, National Cabinet tasked the Council on Federal Financial Relations (CFFR) to review the Report on Government Services (the RoGS) and the Performance Reporting Dashboard (the Dashboard) produced by the Productivity Commission.

In December 2023, CFFR agreed to the review terms of reference.

Initial consultation

The review team wants to understand how people use the RoGS and the Dashboard and to identify focus areas for the review. You can have your say through an initial survey.

Complete the survey

The survey closes on 5 April 2024.

Report on Government Services

The RoGS was established in 1995 to provide annual information on the equity, efficiency and effectiveness of key government services in Australia. This information helps governments improve and evaluate their service delivery and effectiveness.

The RoGS includes performance indicators on:

  • childcare, education and training
  • justice
  • emergency management
  • health
  • community services
  • housing and homelessness.

These areas cover approximately 70 per cent of recurrent government expenditure.

The RoGS was last reviewed in 2009.

Performance Reporting Dashboard

The Dashboard was established in 2017 and provides a high-level overview on progress towards the then-Council of Australian Governments’ key commitments.

It includes performance benchmarks and indicators from national agreements that cover:

  • healthcare
  • school education
  • housing
  • skills
  • disability
  • Indigenous
  • infrastructure
  • legal assistance.

The Dashboard has not been reviewed since it was established.


The Australian Treasury has established a small team to undertake the review.

The review will:

  • consider the objectives, scope, use and effectiveness of the RoGS and the Dashboard
  • identify opportunities to streamline and improve these performance reporting arrangements to drive productivity enhancing reform
  • consult with relevant providers and users of reporting products
  • provide CFFR with a mid‑year update and a final report in December 2024.


Email the review team at