Public submissions


The Government invited all interested stakeholders to provide written submissions to the review. The views and information provided in these submissions will assist the Government in determining its response to developments in the Commonwealth Government Securities (CGS) market.

The closing date for submissions  was 6 December 2002.

The following written submissions have been provided to the Government and identified as not containing confidential material.

SFE Corporation Limited
Centre of Full Employment and Equity
Third Son Financial Services Pty Limited (Part 1)
Third Son Financial Services Pty Limited (Part 2)
Terry, Chris
Allied Irish Bank
Lynch, Troy
Forest Products Commission Western Australia (Part 1)
Forest Products Commission Western Australia (Part 2)
Smith, N.E.
Diggle, J., Brooks, R., Tucker, G.
ICAP Australia Pty Limited
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
TD Securities
Atchison Consultants (Part 1)
Atchison Consultants (Part 2)
Atchison Consultants (Part 3)
Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Credit Suisse Asset Management
Australian Stock Exchange
Jana Investment Advisers Pty Limited
Australian Council for Infrastructure Development
Queensland Treasury Corporation
Deutsche Bank AG Australia
Queensland Investment Corporation
Parchi, Rowan
McGregor, R.D.
Evatt Foundation
Hall, A.R. (Part 1)
Hall, A.R. (Part 2)
Catholic Superannuation Fund
National Australia Bank
New South Wales Treasury Department
CGS Market Industry Working Group
Salomon Smith Barney Australia
Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia
Credit Union Services Corporation (Australia) Limited
UBS Warburg Australia
Investment and Financial Services Association
Retail Employees Superannuation Trust
AMP Financial Services
Insurance Council of Australia
Bonouvrie, Simon