Chart Spreadsheet Data

Chart 1: Five pathways for Australian emissions and GNP 33KB
Chart 2: Emission reductions by sector 25KB
Chart 2.1: Global emission pathways 39KB
Chart 2.2: Australia's emission pathways 30KB
Chart 2.3: Impacts on real GNP per capita 28KB
Chart 3.1: Australian real GNP per capita 37KB
Chart 3.2: Emission reductions by sector 30KB
Chart 3.3: Real gross world product 32KB
Chart 3.4: Global emission price 39KB
Chart 3.5: Real GNP costs in Annex B countries in 2050 24KB
Chart 3.6: Australia's trajectory, actual emissions and permit trade 21KB
Chart 3.7: Impacts across sectors 23KB
Chart 3.8: Australia's coal sector 31KB
Chart 3.9: Australian electricity generation by fuel 24KB
Chart 3.10: Real consumption per capita 42KB