Major report

Australia's Low Pollution Future: The Economics of Climate Change Mitigation – Report 2.4MB  
Preliminaries 188KB  
Chapter 1: Context for reducing emissions 98KB 143KB
Chapter 2: Framework for analysis 207KB 435KB
Chapter 3: The reference scenario – Assumptions and projections 976KB  
Chapter 4: Description of policy scenarios 169KB 586KB
Chapter 5: Mitigation scenarios – International results 520KB 1.7MB
Chapter 6: Mitigation scenarios – Australian results 478KB  
Chapter 7: Key findings and future analysis 98KB 133KB
Annex A: Modelling framework 197KB 415KB
Annex B: Treasury climate change mitigation policy modelling assumptions 412KB 2.7MB
Glossary 60KB 172KB
List of Boxes, Charts and Tables 70KB 132KB