Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates from the Australian Government

Part 5: Appendices (continued)


Ecologically sustainable development and environmental performance

The Treasury continues to develop and incorporate strategies to improve its overall environmental performance. A review against the ANAO Better Practice Guide on Public Sector Environmental Management found that the Treasury was broadly compliant with better practice.

The Treasury undertakes annual reviews of its Environmental Management System and is progressing actions to meet its commitments under the Treasury Building Management Committee Green Improvement Agreement.

It participates in various government environmental forums and maintains industry knowledge through its membership of property and building industry groups.

Energy Management

The Treasury achieved the Energy Efficiency in Government Operations Policy target of 7,500 mega joules per person per annum for office tenant light and power for 2011-12.

The Treasury has installed movement sensors in a number of offices and meeting rooms. Similarly following a review of the operation of the air-conditioning system, the Treasury modified services and completed a full balancing of the air-conditioning system. Both of these initiatives will reduce energy usage.


The Treasury recycles paper and cardboard products, which a local recycling firm collects. Classified waste paper is shredded and or pulped and paper hand towels are recycled. Waste recycling stations are provided in staff kitchens separating rubbish, organic waste and materials able to be recycled.

The Treasury also recycles toner cartridges, fluorescent tubes and batteries and collects old mobile telephones, donating them to charity.


Tenancies in the Treasury building are not metered separately for water consumption. The Treasury Building Management Committee is investigating water savings initiatives.