Part 1: Overview

Secretary's review

Corporate statement

Treasury's mission
Policy outcomes
Treasury services
Key relationships

Part 2: Performance Report

Report on performance

Outcome 1 Sound macroeconomic environment

Output 1.1.1 Domestic economic policy advice and forecasting
Output 1.1.2 International economic policy advice and assessment

Outcome 2 Effective government spending and taxation arrangements

Output 2.1.1 Budget policy advice and coordination
Output 2.1.2 Commonwealth-State financial policy advice
Output 2.1.3 Industry, environment and social policy advice
Output 2.2.1 Taxation and income support policy advice

Outcome 3 Well-functioning markets

Output 3.1.1 Foreign investment policy advice and administration
Output 3.1.2 Financial system and corporate governance policy advice
Output 3.1.3 Competition and consumer policy advice
Output 3.1.4 Actuarial services
Output 3.1.5 Circulating coin and like products

Corporate services

Part 3: Management and Accountability

Corporate governance
Internal and external scrutiny
Management of human resources
Purchasing and assets management
Workplace diversity

Part 4: Financial Statements

Certification of financial statements
Department of the Treasury statement of financial performance
Department of the Treasury statement of financial position
Department of the Treasury statement of cash flows
Schedule of commitments
Schedule of contingencies
Department of the Treasury schedule of administered items
Administered cash flows
Administered commitments
Administered contingencies
Statement of activities administered on behalf of government
Notes to and forming part of the financial statements

Part 5: Other Statistical Information

Occupational health and safety
Freedom of information
Advertising and market research
Ecologically sustainable development
Discretionary grants

Commonwealth of Australia 2003
ISBN 0 642 74200 6