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Checklist for Business-to-Consumer E-Commerce in Australia


When engaging in business-to-consumer e-commerce, make sure you consider the following issues:


  • Does your business follow ‘fair business practices’?
  • Do consumers need specialised software or hardware to trade with you?
  • Have you taken reasonable steps to ensure the goods and services you supply are accessible to people with a disability?
  • Is all advertising material clearly identifi able, so it cannot be confused with other content?
  • Are procedures in place to ensure that any marketing messages you send do not constitute spam?
  • Have you taken reasonable steps to avoid entering into transactions with minors?
  • Can consumers easily fi nd all key information about your business, including contact details?
  • Are contract terms for purchases clear, accurate and easily accessible by consumers?
  • Have you taken appropriate steps to protect consumers’ privacy?
  • Have you provided consumers with payment mechanisms that are easy to use and offer appropriate security?
  • Have you clearly explained to consumers the security and authentication methods you use so they can assess any risks?
  • Do consumers have easy access to, and clear information about, dispute resolution procedures?
  • Are consumers informed about any specifi c laws or jurisdiction applicable to transactions with your business?


Want more information? Check out The Australian Guidelines for Electronic Commerce at