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Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 What is a tax expenditure?

1.2 Why report tax expenditures?

1.3 Coverage of this statement

1.4 Structure of this statement

Chapter 2: Trends in tax expenditure estimates

2.1 Interpretation of trends and aggregates

2.2 Trends in tax expenditures

2.3 Large tax expenditures

2.4 Trends in tax expenditures by function

2.5 Comparison with direct expenditure

Chapter 3: Measuring tax expenditures

3.1 Approaches to measuring tax expenditures

3.2 Interpretation of tax expenditure estimates

3.3 Accrual estimates

3.4 Technical notes

Chapter 4: Benchmarks

4.1 Defining benchmarks

4.2 Income tax benchmark

4.3 Commodity tax benchmark

Chapter 5: New, modified and deleted tax expenditures

5.1 New tax expenditures

5.2 Modified tax expenditures

5.3 Deleted tax expenditures

Chapter 6: Tax Expenditures

6.1 Introduction

6.2 Income tax benchmark

6.3 Commodity tax benchmark

Appendix A: Modelling tax expenditures

A.1 Aggregate modelling

A.2 Distributional modelling

A.3 Microsimulation

Appendix B: Concessional taxation of funded superannuation

B.1 Scope

B.2 Interpretation

B.3 Estimates


List of Tables

Table 2.1: Total measured tax expenditures

Table 2.2: Large measured tax expenditures in 2003-04

Table 2.3: Aggregate tax expenditures by function

Table 2.4: Aggregate tax expenditures and direct expenditures by function in 2002-03

Table 2.5: Trends in tax expenditures versus direct expenditures

Table 5.1: New tax expenditures

Table 5.2: Modified tax expenditures

Table 5.3: Deleted tax expenditures

Table B1: Concessional taxation of funded superannuation, 1999-2000 to 2006-07