4. Other matters


Use of the delegated powers by the Minister during the delegation

The delegation of the Minister’s powers to the delegate by way of the Delegation Instrument does not prohibit the exercise of these powers by the Minister at any time.

Minister’s right to vary or revoke the delegation or guidelines at any time

The Minister reserves the right to change or revoke the delegation of his or her powers at any time. The revocation will take effect from the date the Minister notifies the delegate in writing. The Minister may also vary the Delegation Instrument at any time by signing and issuing a new Delegation Instrument, which has the effect of superseding any previous Delegation Instrument.

The Minister may also vary the guidelines at any time, which take effect, and supersede any previous guidelines, upon being notified to the delegate in writing. Any notice of revocation, new or amended delegation and new or amended guidelines will be copied to the RBA at the same time as the relevant document is sent to the delegate.