Economic Roundup Issue 4, 2011


Issue 4, 2011 contains an article prepared by Treasury staff, and two recent speeches by members of Treasury's Executive Board.

The article describes how and where debt is reported in the government financial statements and how interest costs are calculated.

The first speech was delivered by Dr Martin Parkinson PSM, to the Australian Industry Group Annual National Forum on 19 September. The speech is entitled 'The implications of global economic transformation for Australia'. The second speech was delivered by Dr Martin Parkinson PSM, Secretary to the Treasury. The speech is entitled 'Australia and China – Grasping opportunities in an uncertain world' and was presented as part of the 8th Annual Goldman Sachs Macro Economic Conference on 18 October.

A regular report summarising the outcomes of Treasury’s Business Liaison Program is also included. Treasury staff held discussions with businesses and industry associations during November 2011. The report outlines the key themes that arose in those discussions.

Issue 4, 2011 also includes the nineteenth in a series of biographies of Australia's Federal Treasurers.