Sources of economic data


The following table provides sources for key economic data. Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data can be obtained over the internet. The Reserve Bank of Australia information is availa

ble. Similarly, OECD information is available. Information on individual economies is also available via the IMF.

International economy

Output, current account balance, OECD Main Economic Indicators interest rates and consumer price inflation

National accounts

Components of GDP, contributions to ABS cat. no. 5206.0 change in GDP

Incomes, costs and prices

Real household income ABS cat. nos. 5204.0 and 5206.0

Wages, labour costs and company ABS cat. nos. 5204.0, 5206.0, 5676.0 and income 6345.0

Prices ABS cat. nos. 6401.0 and 5206.0

Labour market ABS cat. no. 6202.0

External sector

Australia’s current account, external ABS cat. nos. 5368.0, 5302.0 and 5206.0 liabilities and income flows