Economic Roundup Issue 1, 2012


Issue 1, 2012 contains two articles prepared by Treasury staff, and one recent speech by Dr Martin Parkinson, PSM.

The first article analyses the history of China’s demand for commodities and their potential path of future demand, comparing the Chinese experience in recent decades with those of other recent industrialising economies.

The second article explores four key pillars of consumer financial protection: financial literacy, disclosure, advice, and product regulation. The author examines each component both individually and collectively, emphasising the policy benefits of harnessing their potential synergies.

The speech was delivered by Dr Martin Parkinson PSM on 7 March 2012 as introductory remarks to the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce.

A regular report summarising the outcomes of Treasury’s Business Liaison Program is also included.  Treasury staff held discussions with businesses and industry associations during February and March 2012.  The report outlines the key themes that arose in those discussions. 

Issue 1, 2012 also includes the twentieth in a series of biographies of Australia’s Federal Treasurers.