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Data relating to Commonwealth debt, including quarterly data on total gross outstanding debt of the Commonwealth (central) government that meet the coverage and timeliness requirements of the IMF Special Data Dissemination Standards, appear on the website of the Australian Office of Financial Management, a separate agency within the Treasurer's portfolio ( In accordance with the IMF's Special Data Dissemination Standards, notice of the approximate date of release of the data on gross outstanding debt of the Commonwealth (central) government, is given on the IMF's Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board (

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Foreword by Peter Costello


Global poverty and inequality in the 20th century: turning the corner?

Australia's century since Federation at a glance

Towards higher retirement incomes for Australians: a history of the Australian retirement income system since Federation

Public good conservation and the impact of environmental measures imposed on landholders

The net income deficit over the past two decades

Australian net private wealth

Statistical appendix

List of tables and charts

This issue includes data up to 28 March 2001



I take this opportunity to congratulate Treasury, and its present and past members on the achievement of this first century of service to the nation. The Department's record and longevity is a formidable example of what excellence in public service can achieve.

Treasury has always been a key player in the national economic policy framework and the contribution of the Department towards the good government of our nation should not be understated.

This publication is evidence, condensed though it might be, of the part Treasury has played in the growth and development of Australia.

In the performance of its role, an organisation can only be as good as its leadership. Over the century, the leadership of Treasury has always been in the hands of men of extraordinary intellectual and professional competence.

As Treasurer over the last six years, I can single out Ted Evans as he steps down from his responsibilities after eight years of service as Secretary. Under his leadership, Treasury has provided first rate service and a valuable contribution to the Government's economic policy achievements.