Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates from the Australian Government



Workforce capability

Treasury's success is dependent on the quality, approach and culture of our workforce. Our employees are our most valuable asset and give us our competitive edge. We rely on our people's knowledge, competence and expertise to build organisational capability, so we can successfully maintain our position as the Government's pre-eminent economic adviser.

In 2017–18 we implemented a revised Performance Development System (PDS). The PDS enables organisational performance by improving employee engagement, driving a high-performance culture centred on regular, real-time feedback, with an individualised development focus for all employees. It allows us to reward and recognise individuals who demonstrate high performance and desired behaviours.

In 2018–19, and over the forward estimates, we will continue to invest in the development of our critical capabilities to deliver outcomes. Priorities include:

  • Continuing to invest in learning and development opportunities to ensure our employees have the right balance of technical and professional competence to meet demands now and into the future.
  • Building on existing successful strategies to attract and retain high-calibre people with a breadth of experience and the diversity to ensure our workforce reflects the expectations of the Australian community. Through these strategies we will be better able to devise innovative and practical solutions to policy challenges, including through secondment programs and talent partnerships.
  • Maintaining and developing our current cohort of leaders, while building a healthy pipeline of future talent who can lead the organisation in years to come.
  • Further enhancement of performance approaches and metrics.

Strategic leadership, supported by agility in our decision-making processes and collaboration with all stakeholders, will ensure we continue to achieve the high levels of organisational performance required to deliver our outcomes.

Information and communications technology

Treasury requires contemporary and fit-for-purpose information and communications technologies (ICT) that allow our staff and stakeholders to collaborate efficiently, effectively and securely.

Treasury will plan for and adapt to digital capability and innovation as well as disruption in the ICT sector through targeted investment in programs and services in accordance with our ICT Strategic Plan 2018–21. Key initiatives include improving functionality of mobility platforms, upgrading key productivity tools, improving service through a new service management tool, and automation and revision of supporting processes.

Treasury will also seek to enable an ICT environment that favours a 'one Treasury' approach, where staff working across groups and geographical locations can seamlessly communicate in the appropriate format in real-time. Implementation of secure telephony and enhancements to video conferencing will support improved collaboration within Treasury.

During 2018-19, and into the future, we will seek opportunities to consolidate in-house data centres into commercial data centres to improve the resilience of Treasury systems, provide a platform to better leverage cloud services and reduce overheads for data centre management.

We will also continue to seek opportunities that:

  • Increase staff efficiency.
  • Align our ICT strategy to whole-of-government initiatives.
  • Enable greater collaboration with stakeholders internally and externally through greater access to communication methods.
  • Enhance governance and oversight of ICT design and procurement activities through use of appropriate frameworks.