Corporate Plan 2017-18



Secretary’s introduction

The Treasury Corporate Plan 2017-18, sets out our purpose, intended activities and outcomes for the next four years (2017-18 to 2020-21).

The Treasury aspires to be the pre-eminent economic adviser to the Government and, in essence, our purpose is to promote fiscal sustainability; increase productivity; and secure the benefits of global economic integration.

In staffing terms, we are one of the smallest central government agencies. Demands on the Treasury for policy advice and implementation continue to expand, reflecting the complexity of the domestic and global economic environment. Additional resourcing over the next two years will bolster the Treasury’s capability across a range of areas including tax and economic modelling, foreign investment, support for our legislative program and structural policy analysis. The Treasury will also expand its role by providing high-quality corporate services to a range of APS entities.

The Treasury’s staff are drawn from many professions representing diversity in experience and skills. We seek passionate staff who will work collaboratively to deliver the ideas and advice that will help Australia meet the challenges of the coming years. The Treasury seeks to foster high performance via open and robust policy discussions and an attitude of professional and critical enquiry — recognising that we operate in an increasingly contestable and resource constrained environment.

Our capability is enhanced by our focus on stakeholder engagement and recruitment across all sectors and regions including key global markets. Our national presence will expand again in 2017-18 with the establishment of the Treasury’s Perth office, building on the success of our Sydney and Melbourne offices.

The Corporate Plan is prepared in accordance with paragraph 35(1)(b) of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 and can be read in conjunction with the Treasury’s Portfolio Budget Statements 2017-18.

John A. Fraser
Secretary to the Treasury