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Corporate Law Economic Reform Program - Proposals for Reform: Paper No. 7


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As the Minister responsible for Corporations Law, it gives me great pleasure to present the 7th stage of the Government’s Corporate Law Economic Reform Program: CLERP 7 - Simplified Lodgments and Compliance.

The Government is committed to ensuring regulation does not impose unnecessary paperwork or other compliance burdens, and is responsive to business needs. Businesses, especially small businesses, want to get on with the job of

building their enterprises free from unnecessary red tape. We have demonstrated our commitment to these objectives by establishing the Small Business Deregulation Taskforce and implementing nearly all of its recommendations. The initiatives contained in this paper are a further illustration of our commitment in this respect.

The reforms proposed in this paper will further cut the compliance burden by streamlining the relationship between business and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. The initiatives are a further plank in the Government’s objective of providing a modern and efficient regulatory framework in which business and consumers can operate.

As with other CLERP reforms, these initiatives will help achieve efficiencies for business which in turn will encourage free enterprise and wealth creation for the benefit of all Australians.

I welcome feedback on our CLERP 7 initiatives and look forward to working with interested parties to progress these reforms.

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Hon. Joe Hockey MP
Minister for Financial Services & Regulation
Parliament House

Table of Contents


Glossary of Terms

Part 1: Reform Proposals

Part 2: Introduction

Part 3: Company Annual Returns

Part 4: Streamlining Document Lodgment Requirements

Part 5: Business Advisory Board

Part 6: ABN and ABR

Part 7: Corporations Law Fees

Appendix A: Legislative Provisions Underpinning the Fees Regime

Appendix B: Corporations Law Fees

Appendix C: Draft Fees Schedule With Proposed Fees From 1 July 2000

Appendix D: Statistical Tables