Education attainment


Theme: Prosperous
Dimension: Access to education, skills development and learning throughout life 


  • Proportion of people aged 20-24 with Year 12 or equivalent
  • Proportion of people aged 25-34 with a qualification at Certificate III level or above

Why does this matter

Education and training creates opportunity for people, enables them to make a full contribution to the community and underpins the development of aspiration and purpose.

Has there been progress

More Australians are getting educated than ever before.

From 2013 to 2022, the share of people aged 20-24 years that completed Year 12 or equivalent, has increased from 77.2 per cent to 86.2 per cent.

Over the same period, the proportion of people aged 25-34 years that attained a qualification at Certificate III level or above increased from 65.7 per cent to 73.0 per cent.

The education indicators will evolve for future Statements to align with targets for Australia’s education system that emerge from the major education reviews currently underway such as the Productivity Commission’s review into Early Childhood Education and Care, review to Inform a Better and Fairer Education System, and the Australian Universities Accord. These reviews will place high priority on ensuring targets in place emphasis on improving equity outcomes.

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