Digital preparedness


Theme: Prosperous
Dimension: Access to education, skills development and learning throughout


An aggregate score of digital inclusion based on access, affordability and digital ability

Why does this matter

One of the big factors which will determine whether we succeed in improving the productivity, competitiveness and resilience of our economy is how well we manage the digital transformation. Digital technology is critical for online learning and developing skills for the future of work.

One measure of that is digital inclusion.

Has there been progress

In 2023 (compared to 2020) digital inclusion across Australia increased for most social groups and for regions. The number of highly excluded Australians has declined (but remains substantial).1

How does this differ across cohorts

Furthermore, while the divide between city, regional and remote areas has narrowed, it remains marked. In addition, access, affordability and digital ability remain a central barrier to closing the digital gap, including for First Nations people, Australians aged 75 years and over and Australians with disability.

1 Australian Digital Inclusion Index

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