Australians told us that a broad and diverse set of factors are important to their wellbeing, and the Framework reflects that.

The government has listened to the views of a broad range of people to capture the diversity of what different parts of our community value. This has involved discussions with various levels of government, private organisations, community groups, people, and international bodies.

The process has included two phases of public consultation.

  • The first Consultation Phase commenced with the October Budget 2022-23 and ran to 31 January 2023. 165 submissions were received in this initial phase.
  • The second Consultation Phase ran from 14 April to 26 May 2023 and sought feedback on the emerging wellbeing themes. Around 120 submissions were received. As part of this phase, community groups, members of parliament and other organisations were asked to hold meetings to discuss whether the emerging wellbeing themes resonated.

Overall, submissions and stakeholder consultations supported the introduction of Measuring What Matters and the prospect of a role for the government in monitoring and advancing progress across a broad range of wellbeing indicators.