Policy History - Reviews of the Franchising Code of Conduct


2006 Review of disclosure provisions

On 31 August 2006, the Review of the Disclosure Provisions of the Franchising Code of Conduct was released. The Review was chaired by Mr Graeme Matthews. On 1 February 2007, the Government released the its response to the 2006 review.

2008 Parliamentary Joint Committee Inquiry into Franchising

On 1 December 2008, The Commonwealth Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services Inquiry into Franchising tabled in Parliament its Report, Opportunity not opportunism: improving conduct in Australian franchising. On 5 November 2009, the Government tabled its response to the 2008 Inquiry. A Regulatory Impact Statement was prepared to inform the response. On 27 November 2009, an expert panel was established to report on franchising and unconscionable conduct.

2010 Report on unconscionable conduct

On 3 March 2010, the expert panel Report, Strengthening statutory unconscionable conduct and the Franchising Code of Conduct, was released. The expert panel examined proposals concerning unconscionable conduct and the regulation of the franchising sector.

2013 Review of the Franchising Code of Conduct

On 4 January 2013 Alan Wein commenced an independent review of the Franchising Code of Conduct. The review looked at the 2008 and 2010 amendments to the code and resulted in the development of the new 2015 Franchising Code of Conduct.