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Financial System Inquiry – Draft Terms of Reference

This consultation process has now been completed. Submissions available
Consultation Type
Invitation to Comment

Key Documents

The Government is consulting on its draft Terms of Reference for the Financial System Inquiry. The objective is to ensure that the Inquiry does not fail to consider potentially significant issues.

The Government is inviting submissions from all interested individuals and organisations.

Submissions should focus on the draft Terms of Reference. There will be further opportunities to comment on substantive policy issues once the Inquiry is underway.

Further information on the Inquiry is available in the Treasurer's media release of 20 November 2013.

The Terms of Reference for the Inquiry are designed to be broad in scope, reflecting the Government's commitment to hold a 'root and branch' examination of the financial system.


76 submissions were received for this consultation, including 13 confidential submissions.

Actuaries Institute - pdf 53.53 KB
ANZ - pdf 1.39 MB
ASCOF - pdf 287.17 KB
Ashurst Australia - pdf 67.49 KB
ASX - pdf 1.07 MB
Bank of Queensland - pdf 219.84 KB
Carers Queensland - pdf 159.57 KB
CHOICE - pdf 289.62 KB
Councils on the Ageing - pdf 302.57 KB
David Mayes - pdf 60.36 KB
Erskinomics - pdf 164.32 KB
KPMG - pdf 169.13 KB
LCH.Clearnet Ltd - pdf 143.24 KB
Macquarie Group - pdf 322.56 KB
Mastercard - pdf 831.62 KB
MSCI - pdf 387.21 KB
My Longevity - pdf 9.3 KB
Nick Fitzpatrick - pdf 35.28 KB
PayPal - pdf 302.88 KB
Peter Mair - pdf 21.05 KB
PWC - pdf 40.29 KB
Rick Steele - pdf 41.25 KB
RMIT - pdf 266.3 KB
Shann Turnbull - pdf 195.01 KB
Suncorp - pdf 92.82 KB
UnitingCare Australia - pdf 397.81 KB
UnitingCare Kildonan - pdf 284.09 KB
VISA - pdf 369.95 KB
Yellow Brick Road - pdf 47.33 KB