Designated complaints determination

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The Australian Government is progressing legislation that will create a designated complaints function within the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). Treasury is consulting on a draft determination which sets out further detail on the new designated complaints function.

Designated complaints function

The designated complaints function will allow designated consumer and small business advocates to submit a complaint to the ACCC about a significant or systemic market issue affecting Australian consumers or small businesses.

The ACCC will be required to respond to a designated complaint within 90 days stating what further action, if any, it intends to take.

Designated complainants will be approved by the minister.

Determination content

The proposed Competition and Consumer (Designated Complaints) Determination 2024 sets out:

  • the maximum number of designated complainants
  • the maximum number of designated complaints a designated complainant may make during a specified period of time
  • matters relating to no further action notices
  • when the ACCC does not have to publish information
  • when the ACCC is not required to take further action after issuing a further action notice
  • the period when an entity may apply to be a designated complainant and
  • matters for the minister to consider when approving a designated complainant.



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