Independent Evaluation of the JobKeeper Payment

This consultation process has now been completed.
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Consultation Paper

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The Treasury has appointed Mr Nigel Ray PSM to conduct an independent evaluation of the effectiveness of the JobKeeper Payment in achieving the government’s policy objectives for it. The evaluation may draw broader conclusions about the value for money and outcomes of JobKeeper. The terms of reference for the evaluation are at page 5 of the attached consultation paper. Mr Ray is supported by a small secretariat in the Treasury. 

The purpose of this consultation is to seek feedback on the JobKeeper Payment, including the objectives and design of the Payment, the implementation and integrity of JobKeeper and the effects and outcomes of the Payment.

The evaluation team is particularly interested in receiving submissions covering the lived experience of businesses and employees with JobKeeper and data and analyses of the impacts of the Payment.

Commentary on alternative policy options and international evidence would also be appreciated.


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