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Consumer Data Right rules amendments (version 4)

This consultation process has now been completed.
Consultation Type
Exposure Draft

Key Documents

Treasury has released for consultation exposure draft amendments to the Consumer Data Right rules (version 4 of the rules), exposure draft regulations, explanatory materials and a paper with proposals for further consultation.

These changes expand the CDR to the energy sector, enabling energy consumers to share their data and obtain the best offer that is available to them.  This builds on the significant progress made in rolling out the CDR to the banking sector.  The draft rules also include minor amendments to ensure that the rules operate as intended. Treasury seeks stakeholder views on the draft rules and regulations, and the proposals detailed in the consultation paper.

Red mark-up indicates proposed amendments

The exposure draft rules (mark-up to current rules) contain coloured text to indicate the proposed rule amendments. This consultation seeks views on the proposed amendments in red mark-up only. The amendments in blue mark-up text relate to the recently concluded consultation process for the CDR rules amendments (version 3) consultation.



No submissions are currently available.