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The Government is committed to extending the Consumer Data Right (CDR) to the energy sector alongside implementation of Open Banking. In doing so, the Government aims to establish a framework that helps consumers to find and switch to the best energy deals, that incentivises greater competition between energy retailers and, over time, delivers innovative retail products that help consumers better manage their energy generation and use.

The Treasurer’s designation of the energy datasets that will be the subject of the CDR represents a key step towards progressing the implementation of the CDR in the energy sector. The Government has today released a public consultation paper that seeks stakeholder views on the scope of National Electricity Market datasets and energy market entities that should be subject to a future energy sector CDR designation instrument.

This consultation wishes to test the following three general issues with stakeholders:

A. What datasets should be designated to support basic energy retail product comparison and switching use cases?

B. What datasets are required to support more advanced use cases, such as, whether consumers should adopt smart meters, solar panels, battery storage, and/or more energy efficient appliances?

C. What other datasets should be designated in the energy sector to support use cases not identified in this document?

More specific questions that will inform the Treasurer’s designation instrument are contained in the paper. We request that stakeholders please reference these question numbers in their response documents

Government has not made a decision on what datasets should be designated under the CDR in energy, or who should be obligated to make that data available to customers. This initial consultation on the priority datasets will be followed by consultation on the text of the designation instrument at a later date.

Critically, this consultation will also inform the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s development of the rules that will govern the operation of AEMO Gateway data access model, the customer authentication and authorisation framework, and the obligations the CDR will place on data holders and accredited entities.

The consultation period closes on 26 September 2019.


18 submissions were received for this consultation.

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