Consumer Data Right


The Consumer Data Right (CDR) is a secure online system that enables consumers to get value from data that is collected about them through the provision of specific goods and services by consenting to that data being shared with trusted accredited third parties.

Consumer convenience

CDR places consumers at the centre of a data-sharing system that protects their privacy and gives them the ability to opt in and determine when and how they share their data with accredited businesses and professionals of their choosing.

Consumers can use their data to switch service providers, take out a loan, apply for a new mortgage or use budgeting apps to help manage their finances. Using CDR saves time and effort and makes it easy to manage financial and other significant life decisions.

Consumer, industry and economy benefits

Ultimately, consumers, industry and the Australian economy will benefit from more active, economy-wide use of data, financial inclusion, increased competition, innovation, business ideas and partnerships.

Who’s involved?


The Treasury leads CDR policy and program delivery, including development of rules and advice to Government on next steps in the CDR.

Treasury works closely with:

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is responsible for the accreditation process, including:

  • managing the Consumer Data Right Register
  • ensuring provider compliance with the rules
  • taking enforcement action where necessary.

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) regulates privacy and confidentiality under the CDR. It handles complaints and notifications of eligible CDR data breaches.

Data Standards Body

The Data Standards Body (DSB) in Treasury develops technical standards, consumer experience standards and guidelines, and registers standards for implementing the CDR.


Minister (advice by Treasury) Policy settings
Sectoral designation
CDR Rules
Data Standards Chair and body Technical standards
Consumer experience standards


Australian Competition and Consumer Commission CDR Register and accreditation application platform
Accreditation decisions
Enforcement and compliance
Office of the Australian Information Commissioner Privacy safeguard guidance
Privacy enforcement and compliance
Privacy complaints handling

Stakeholders and community

Importantly, at each stage of the CDR’s development, feedback from industry stakeholders and community representatives has helped shape the way the CDR works.


For present and past Treasury policy consultations, visit Consultations.

For present and past consultations on consumer data standards, visit the Data Standards Body website.

CDR website

For full details on CDR, and to sign up to receive updates, visit the Consumer Data Right website.

If you have questions or comments on the Consumer Data Right, please email

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